Empowered Self-Awareness Blueprint


  • Tools to better communicate stressful issues at work and home.
  • Learning how being aware of how you react to stress and how that affects you and the people around you.
  • How to communicate creatively with confidence and trust instead of with fear and anxiety.
  • With the help of 6 one-on-one personal coaching sessions and skills to make positive change, to live a life of confidence and joy.
  • Feel empowered to thrive instead of just survive challenges through self-awareness and communication to feel more connected to yourself and others.
  • The result of this course is to live a life in control of stressful days and emotional triggers.


  1. Improves team member’s daily interface at work and home
  2. Repair patterns and triggers that may affect productivity
  3. Learned techniques that empower employees to control reactions to stress (i.e. current and future)
  4. Improves interpersonal relationships
  5. Medication free, content free, no disclosure.
  6. Improves productivity.
  7. Reduces employee turnover & absenteeism.
  8. Improves morale at work and in the home.
  9. Potentially reduces safety risks (human error).
  10. Lowers interpersonal conflict.
  11. Possibly lower medical costs to employer

Program Delivery Options

Per person:

Six 90 minute classes = $900
Six 50 minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions = $1,200
1 ELI Assessments = $300
Onsite Specialty Coach = $1,500
*Individual cost = $2,400
*150 employees = $360,000
*250 employees = $600,000
*500 employees = $1,200,000

Return on Investment

  • Improves productivity.
  • Reduces employee turnover & absenteeism.
  • Improves morale at work and in the home.
  • Potentially reduces safety risks (human error).
  • Lowers interpersonal conflict.
  • Possibly lower medical costs to employer.

Course Table of Content

Week 1:
We are all leaders, either by choice or default. How well do you lead?
Why are you here? To shift your energy.
Four Reasons to be self aware
A tool to evaluate how you show up: ELI
Energetic Self Perception chart
Anabolic & Catabolic defined
The 7 levels of energetic profile
Three examples of the ELI results (discussion) 

Week 2:
Exploring default tendencies
The 5 most common energy blocks
Recognizing Illusions
Cause or Effect
Judgement Accountability
Intention setting
Creating manageable goals
Gremlin talk (your inner critic)
Good laughter/bad laughter
A smile changes everything

Week 3:
The difference between instinct & reasoning
The instinctual brain every five seconds
The reasoning brain
PTSD is not a mental illness
The 5 medically recognized symptoms of PTSD
What numb feels like
Kicks and giggles

Week 4:
Your values and the impact to leadership style
Catabolic and Anabolic leaders
Exploring values
Subsidize stress
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
What makes people happy?

Week 5:
Talking to the brain
Highlights of Conversational Intelligence
Core reconstruction
9 types of intelligence
Crystal Clear Communication
The power of vulnerability

Week 6:
Advancing to the next level
The cost of doing nothing
Embracing conflict
Depression spiral
Expansion spiral
Honor the message (hearing vs listening)
Shaping trust


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