Leadership Program


PENDING - Not available until this Fall of 2019
This program is to help employees transform how they see and deal with challenges, to realize the opportunity and achieve success in all aspects of life.
This is a program consisting of six 90 minute presentations once a week for 6 weeks. And 6 one-on-one personal coaching sessions with the coach of your choice.
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  3. Find the right Support Coach for you during this project time.
  4. Go to the Support Coach page, click on a coach and you will be able to contact them for scheduling.


The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI)

Everyone is a Leader, either by choice or default. Every interaction presents the opportunity to lead and have a positive impact on others. The Energy Leadership System teaches individuals to consciously choose to use their ability to influence and impact others, to bring about results that are positive for themselves and their organization.

Employee Support Coaching

You are a candidate for this coaching program for things as simple as the same old nagging issues that continue to resurface in your life and negatively impact your day. 
This project will work for anyone who has been exposed to trauma-inducing situations such as: natural disasters, physical injury, war, terrorism, emotional or physical abuse or assault, bullying or any form of violence. These techniques work with the brain to interrupt triggers and dissipates automatic responses to stressors.  Once completed, you will drastically reducing or even eliminate any symptoms associated with PTSD and other traumas.
Again, this program paves the way for clarity, empowered choices and a more meaningful life.

Weekly Subject Titles

Phase 1- Introduction to Leadership Development System

Program Orientation & Planning
Energy Leadership Index Debrief
The Reactive Levels of Energy
The Responsive Levels of Energy

Phase 2- Default Tendencies

Exploring Default Tendencies
4 Energy Blocks
Treating Your Inner Stigma
Recognizing Illusions

Phase 3- Differences between the brain & mind

The Brain, every 5 seconds
The Reasoning Mind
Trauma, PTSD, Stress Hot Buttons
What Numb feels like

Phase 4- Your values & their impacts to Leadership

Exploring Values
Subsidize Stress
Catabolic and Anabolic Leaders

Phase 5- Self-Eminence

Conversational Intelligence
Core Reconstruction
Kicks and Giggles

Phase 6- Advancing to the next level

Embrace Contention
Honor the message
Shaping trust

Some concepts and coaching techniques in this website that refer to PTSD/Trauma coaching, is based on what was learned in the coach training program with the Brainsweepsytems.