Susan’s compassion and thoughtful guidance as a Life Coach, allows me to work through obstacles that keep me from my maximal performance. She is frank and honest, with a twinkling humor that helps me move though situations where my own thinking holds me back.

- Dr. Molly King, Neurologist

Susan took over leadership of a team where the members were demoralized and resentful. Her vision, tenacity, and solution-based approach corralled the “quitters” and made us see the potential for contributing to peoples’ lives that brought us into the project in the first place. The result is that team members are stepping forward with renewed dedication.

- Shelley Amdur MBA


Problem Solving

Susan has combined her natural abilities of empathy, listening skills, insight, communication, critical thinking and ethics to become a strong, caring and motivational coach. I can attest to her straightforward yet gentle feedback as I dealt with a number of situations during my own more than 25-year career in law enforcement.

- Greg, Retired Police Officer


Life Path

Susan has faced her own difficulties in life. Coupled with her intense training, she has learned the art of gaining the most benefit from the things we struggle with in everyday life. She can help you embrace whatever life brings your way and help you to grow into your fullest potential.

- BR



Susan was instrumental in guiding me through my relationship with my wife by clarifying and teaching me to understand the underlying dynamics of emotions such as anger, love, mistrust and forgiveness.

- Steve, R&D Engineer

My wife and I have worked with Susan both together and separately and I can honestly say she has changed our lives for the better. Not only is she highly trained but more importantly she has the natural ability and compassion to make real, lasting change. She is dedicated, talented, and you will see results! Regardless of what you would like to work through, either personally or professionally, she will deliver!

- Michael, Scottsdale AZ

Being tested isn’t just within the classroom walls. It shows up in relationships and work as well. When it showed up, I shut down. Susan coached me a lot on having confidence, and that was exactly what I needed in my pursuit of a healthy relationship. I now feel liberated and in control of my life and how I show up.

- Andi


Inner Critic

I would recommend Susan to others who are interested in developing strategies to silence that inner critic and become their own biggest fan!

- Trish C.



Learning the Neurokinesis technique from Susan has changed my life. I struggled with perfectionism and deep-seated PTSD. I am free to live my life free from anxiety and self judgement.

- Dr. Bobbie Hall, ND

After losing my husband to suicide and my son to a car accident 20 days later in 2012 I was suffering from an extremely severe case of PTSD and depression. I couldn't work; I had isolated myself and still had 2 daughters that needed me.... then my dad passed away; and I now needed to be there to take care of my 93-year-old mom. I had to come to the terms that this was how I would have to live the rest of my life with the nightmares, constant fears and extreme cognitive impairment which created mass confusion. Susan took me through a technique that I couldn't understand.... [But] from that moment on I [started to] feel like my old self again....

- Lisa