Empowered Self-Awareness Blueprint (6 Week In Person Program)

  • Do you feel you have lost yourself in your work and feel disconnected from life, powerless?
  • Fear of failure, rejection or making a mistake stressing you out?
  • Do you want better communication skills to feel better equipped and empowered to collaborate with management, co-workers, staff and others?
  • Do you wish your boss would listen and understand your perspective and expertise and trust you to do the job you were hired to do?

This program paves the way for clarity, empowered choices and a better understanding of how your perceptions and attitude affect you and the people around you. Understanding how stress affects people physically, professionally, personally and in family relationship dynamics, is empowering. This course provides the skills to make it possible to see the WIN-WIN solutions through active listening, effective communication, self-awareness, fearless conflict resolution, and brain-based trust-building leadership skills.

  • Tools to better communicate stressful issues at work and home.
  • Learning how being aware of how you react to stress and how that affects you and the people around you.
  • How to communicate creatively with confidence and trust instead of with fear and anxiety.
  • With the help of 6 one-on-one personal coaching sessions and skills to make positive change to live a life of confidence and joy.
  • Feel empowered to thrive instead of just survive challenges through self-awareness and communication to feel more connected to yourself and others.
  • The result of this course is to live a life in control of stressful days and emotional triggers.
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